The Scout List

If there’s one single resource I would recommend to anyone spending time in Vancouver, it’s Scout Magazine’s weekly list of things to see and do each week called, simply enough, The Scout List.

Written by┬áMichelle Sproule and now syndicated in the Monday edition of the Globe and Mail newspaper, the Scout List is a curated look at what’s going on in this city. The focus is generally on local art, food, exhibitions, or just quirky goings-on around town. It caters to a more indie/hipster leaning crowd, but if you’re looking for a consistently updated look at what to do during your time in Vancouver, The Scout List should be your first stop. We at Vancouverist read it religiously, and it usually yields at least one interesting result for the coming week.

While you’re there, check out the rest of Scout Magazine for a deeper look at what makes Vancouver worthwhile.