Mountain View Cemetery

Cemetery FlowersDating back to 1886, this cemetery isn’t as large or ornate as those found in many older cities outside of Canada, but local residents treat the green space as more of a public park than a revered monument to the dead. On a nice day you’ll find locals running through the grounds, sitting beneath the tall evergreen trees, or exploring the enclosed Jewish section, the Fraternal Order clusters of Freemasons and Knights of Pythias, or the landscape award-winning Columbaria. The hedges and treelines that separate Mountain View from the surrounding roads create a sense of quiet remoteness that make it a pleasant place to walk through at any time of year.

Notable grave sites include Vancouver’s first mayor, Malcolm MacClean; passengers from the tragic sinking of the SS Princess Sophia; Vancouver’s first official lifeguard and popular character, Joe Fortes;  the ‘Scottish Nightingale’, Janet Smith;  Titanic survivor, Robertha Josephine Marshall; and a host of other interesting characters.

You can download the following PDFs from the city website to enhance your visit:
Mountain View Self-Guided Walking Tour
Interesting Citizens: Vancouver’s Mayors
Interesting Citizens: Princess Sophia Sinking

All Souls Celebration (October)

One of our favourite events in the city takes place at the end of October each year. All Souls is a time to honour and celebrate those who have passed, and the Mountain View Cemetery collaborates with local artists to transform the grounds into an atmospheric remembrance of the dead. Visit at sunset to enjoy the candle-lit homages, crackling swedish fire logs, and wandering singers.,

Location and Highlights

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