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Recommended Gear for Hiking in the Vancouver Area

This is the second part in our series on preparing for your visit to the wilds of BC. Read part one: What to Expect when Hiking Around Vancouver. There are a few key items that will help keep you safe and comfortable as you explore the hikes around Vancouver. The following are meant as some suggestions

What to Expect When Hiking in the Vancouver Area

The area around Vancouver is a hiker’s heaven. From tranquil beaches to forests full of ancient trees, to high alpine, we really have it all. Much of the hiking here is wild, rugged and surprisingly remote, even though you are right beside a major city! The guide will help you know what to expect when

Learn to Swordfight

Admit it, you’ve always had a secret desire to attack someone with a heavy weapon, beating and bashing until your arm feels like it’s going to fall off. Lucky for you, Vancouver boasts the world’s largest school for the study of what is collectively known as Western Martial Arts. At Academie Duello you can veer