Bike Rides Society

Although many of the Bike Rides Society  (BRS) members have been riding together for the last year, the aim of BRS is to bring together cycle-minded people in a casual two-wheeled environment. You don’t have to be fast, you don’t have to know anyone, just show up in the meeting spot (Main and Broadway) any Thursday for the 8:00 pm rides (the group departs 15 minutes after posted start times).

From their description:

The idea is that rides are relaxed but interesting forays through the city. Part exercise and part exploration it’s about seeing the city from a street you may have never been on, taking a route that you wouldn’t otherwise take. … Another aim of Bike Rides Society is to bring people together who might not otherwise meet. We are largely a random group of people going for a ride and a chat, with a few regulars. We crave newcomers because mainly we’d just like to get some butts in seats so come on down!

A typical ride heads out in search of an interesting place to stop to collect everyone, consume a beverage, and take a group photo. The ride then continues on to a drinking establishment somewhere in the city where some stay for a drink and others bail out to head on home.

The Vancouver Bike Rides Society currently organizes all of its events through its facebook page, so follow them there for the exact details of each week’s new ride in case of a change of time or start point.