2014: A Hiking Year in Review

2014: A Hiking Year in Review

Looking back on the hiking year that was 2014 a few things stand out as highlights. Mostly though, it’s hard to believe another year is behind us. When I reflected on what’s new or different for me now than in past year, the following jumped out: I learned GPS! I am not a real gadget

Rainy Day Hikes for Vancouver

When I first got into hiking I did as many day hikes and backpacking trips as I could during the fleeting summer season, and then sat around bored the rest of the year. My second stage of hiking involved adding snowshoeing in the winter, which covered me for two seasons, but left me sitting around

Garibaldi Lake

If you were to ask us what the #1 hike that people ask us about in the Vancouver area, we wouldn’t need any time to consider. Without hesitation, we would both answer Garibaldi Lake. Garibaldi Lake is the most talked about and most dreamed about hike among travelers and visitors we talk to, no contest.

6 More Car-Free Hikes in Vancouver

Vancouverist’s first Car-Free Hikes in Vancouver  article gave you a taste of what’s possible when you grab a bus ticket and lace up your hiking boots. In this edition, we take it a step further. These transit-friendly hikes are wilder, longer and surprisingly easy to get to on the bus. Seymour Demonstration Forest Road: Transit Directions:

Hiking Spotlight: The Duffey Lake Road

Located north of Pemberton (which is located north of Whistler) on Highway 99, the Duffey Lake Road is a gateway to some of the most spectacular hiking areas in the Vancouver region. Yes, it’s still a 3+ hour drive from the city, but if you have two or more nights to spare you won’t be

Beyond the Grouse Grind

The Grouse Grind comes up immediately when you start researching hiking in Vancouver. A short, steep trail (853m elevation in 2.9 KM) that leads up the side of Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, the Grouse Grind is a seasonal obsession for many Vancouverites. The downsides to all of this are hard to ignore: crowds as

6 Best Car-Free Hikes in Vancouver

You’ve made it to Vancouver, and now you’re eager to get out and enjoy the wilderness you’ve heard so much about, but when you start researching hikes, you realize a lot of them seem to require a car to get to. This is our definitive list of transit friendly hikes. Don’t worry, this is not

Recommended Gear for Hiking in the Vancouver Area

This is the second part in our series on preparing for your visit to the wilds of BC. Read part one: What to Expect when Hiking Around Vancouver. There are a few key items that will help keep you safe and comfortable as you explore the hikes around Vancouver. The following are meant as some suggestions

What to Expect When Hiking in the Vancouver Area

The area around Vancouver is a hiker’s heaven. From tranquil beaches to forests full of ancient trees, to high alpine, we really have it all. Much of the hiking here is wild, rugged and surprisingly remote, even though you are right beside a major city! The guide will help you know what to expect when