Bike Rides Society

Bike Rides Society

Although many of the Bike Rides Society¬† (BRS) members have been riding together for the last year, the aim of BRS is to bring together cycle-minded people in a casual two-wheeled environment. You don’t have to be fast, you don’t have to know anyone, just show up in the meeting spot (Main and Broadway) any

Learn to Swordfight

Admit it, you’ve always had a secret desire to attack someone with a heavy weapon, beating and bashing until your arm feels like it’s going to fall off. Lucky for you, Vancouver boasts the world’s largest school for the study of what is collectively known as Western Martial Arts. At Academie Duello you can veer

Mountain View Cemetery

Dating back to 1886, this cemetery isn’t as large or ornate as those found in many older cities outside of Canada, but local residents treat the green space as more of a public park than a revered monument to the dead. On a nice day you’ll find locals running through the grounds, sitting beneath the

The Scout List

If there’s one single resource I would recommend to anyone spending time in Vancouver, it’s Scout Magazine’s weekly list of things to see and do each week called, simply enough, The Scout List. Written by¬†Michelle Sproule and now syndicated in the Monday edition of the Globe and Mail newspaper, the Scout List is a curated